About Us
FERLAB SDN BHD supplies fertiliser, storage, manufacturing and distribution facilities through our warehouse and various servicing points in Malaysia. We are supported by a strong network of dealers, including independents and corporates, who make our products available in all growing regions around the South East Asia.

At Ferlab, we seek uncompromising integrity through each individual’s effort towards quality product for our customers, maximizing returns to the shareholders and sizable contribution to the national agricultural operators.

Our Value

Our business success is dependent on trusting relationships. Our reputation is founded on the integrity of the Company’s personnel and our commitment to the principles of:
  • Honesty in communicating within the Company and with our business partners, suppliers and customers, while at the same time protecting the Company’s confidential information and trade secrets.  
  • Excellence in high-quality products and services to our customers.
  • Consistency in our word and deed.
  • Compassion in our relationships with our employees and the communities affected by our business.
  • Fairness to our fellow employees, stakeholders, business partners, customers and suppliers through adherence to all applicable laws, regulations and policies and a high standard of moral behavior.

Our Quality Management
  • Our products are accessible with an assurance of best quality and standard. For this we are governed by a strict set of quality control policy and standards.
  • The company employs experienced staff with years of experience in agricultural analyses.
  • We understand there is lots of key success factors in plantation, including soil, climate, seed, chemical fertilizer etc. Thus, is it always our ultimate goals to provide you with the most suitable fertilizer in complying with your current scenario.
  • Fertilizer recommendations & reclamation reports are developed on the basis of our analysis and delivered to the farmers for the balanced use of fertilizer and to reclaim the earth. To get the maximum result with minimum harms to earth by using marginal fertilizer, is always our business philosophy.
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